Unpaid statements not showing

Hi, when I try to retrieve statements for unpaid invoices it is asking that I set the date. Once date has been set it doesn’t come up with the list of statements for unpaid invoices. It simply requests that I set the date over and over. I use this function every month and have never had issues previously. Please help

What edition (Cloud, Desktop, Server) and Version of Manager are you using?

What do you use - PC, Mac, … and O/S do you use?

Can you post screen shots of the edit screen with the date?
Post an edit screen of an invoice you would expect to see?

What exactly do you mean by this statement? How does the program request this?

Which custom date did you set in Reports > Supplier statements? If you leave the date to today and there are no Unpaid invoices, the program asks you to set the date again.

@Mark, this was the focus of my question to @StefanD. The program does not “ask” you to set a date. A button is always available to set a date. Whatever date is set, if there are no unpaid invoices as of that date, the button allowing you to set a date is still there. But any date you previously set is retained; there simply are no unpaid invoices to display as of that date.

I want to know if @StefanD is seeing different behavior, which would be something I am completely unaware of.

Hi all, I’ll send a screen shot tonight. I have 6 unpaid invoices. When I go to Reports - Supplier Statements (unpair invoices) there is the drop down to set date. I do this and no statements are produced. I have been using the program for approx 2 years and never had the issue.

I’ll screen shot tonight and send through. Thanks for the responses.


The main screen shot to post is of whatever appears when you click the Set Date button.

I’ve just opened up Customer Statements so I can screen shot my issue but it worked on this occasion.

I have tried twice since the turn of this month and ran into the issue that I attempted to explain. Hopefully I don’t run into this again but I will be sure to screen shot if it happens again.

Thanks for your help.

Cheers, Stefan