Payed Invoices don't disappear on the invoice section in bank transactions

In Bank Transactions I select the Accounts Receivable Account, then the customer, and then the invoice. But when I’m selecting the invoice to pay, there are invoices that are alreay payed. Is ther a way to just hide those invoices, and only show the ones that aren’t payed?

please search the forum before posting new questions. this has already been discussed many times.

at present all invoices related to the customer will appear.
an easier method would be to view the invoice and receive money from there. this would fill the relevant fields automatically.

Hope one day you guys fix this and to just dissppear those invocices, it would be way much better. Thank you so much by the way, next time I’ll read other posts.

There are sometimes situations where invoices need to be shown, even if already paid. For example, a customer might pay twice by mistake, yet specify the invoice. You cannot apply the payment elsewhere pending correction.