Accounting for regular or recurring receipts

I am new to Manager as I have recently set up the accounting for Humanitarian Projects International Inc, an Australian registered charity after changing from MYOB. Manager is working perfectly so far but I have a need to be able to record regular/recurring donations. We have several supporters who sponsor children by giving monthly and I need to be able to quickly call up a recurring template and just be able to change the date and amount without having to reenter all the other details. These transactions are allocated to more than 1 account in the Chart of Accounts. This process is easy in MYOB but I can’t see how to do it in Manager. Can you help?

The closest you can currently get is probably Clone button when viewing a transaction. It will create new one prefilling all the details from the old one.

See Clone transactions and reports | Manager

Thanks Lubos. Your assistance is really appreciated. That will make the process a bit easier. I also have to total all the donations from each individual donor to be able to issue a tax receipt at the end of each year.

You should set the donors up as customers. Then you can use the Customer Statement (Transactions) report.

  1. Enable Customers and Sales Invoice Tabs
  2. Create a Customer for each Donor
  3. Register Receipts Vs Customers
  4. Keep everything tracked with a Customer Statement or with a Custom Report
  5. Create Sales Invoices at the End of the Year

One question. Since the data that you register in Receipts Custom Fields are so recursive can’t they be registered through Custom Fields under Customers?

Thanks Davide. Your suggestions are much appreciated. I’ll try that and let you know how it goes. Kind Regards, Terry


I’m not sure what you mean by “Receipts Vs Customers”. Can you explain please.



You receive a payment that you register under accounts payable / customer.

OK. Got it. Thanks so much Davide.