Account statement report

Hi all

  1. I need to produce statement of bank account (or any other account) with balances next to it for particular period (month). I am able only filter transactions without balances:

Currently I am achieving this trough cvs export, but looking for more productive way.

  1. Such statement should contain Tax Code and Amount columns next to it:

Is it achievable on Manager? I was playing around a little bit with report tool, but it I was unable to produce anything like that.


You will not be able to do that. The running balances of accounts are not stored as variables that can be called for specific periods. They are calculated on the fly from all previous data. That is why they are not included in reports for limited periods: they would not be correct.

They also do not include tax code information, because bank transactions themselves are not taxable. They may include tax amounts, but only as portions of larger amounts. So there are no tax codes or amounts stored for bank transactions. Those are stored for the transaction that generates them (receipt, payment, invoice, etc.).

ok, thanks