Accidently removed customer

Today I found one customer was removed from my system. I don’t remember how it happened.

And your question is?

Also, it is not at all clear what the list you have displayed is showing?

Question. Do you have someone else access the data other than yourself? ask him.

The customer shouldn’t be able to be removed when there is transaction happening referencing to that particular customer (created in customer tab).

I am only using this. This customer’s name was in “Form default” of sales invoice. So I had to remove it. So may be accidentally removed from customer name.

That is invoices without customer name.

meaning you removed customer from the selection of form default it happen previous invoice that has the customer name also being removed?

I don’t think that is possible as what I understand of form default only set the default but once the record is created in sales invoice is independent from form default setting.

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@ahmedansar, you have not accurately described what you did that resulted in loss of customer for two reasons:

  1. As @acecombat2 wrote, deleting a customer (or any other field) from the form default for sales invoices does not affect any previous sales invoice.

  2. You cannot delete a customer who already has sales invoices issued without first deleting every one of those sales invoices.

Therefore, if a customer has been removed, you removed it through some other action or actions. To further understand what has happened, you need to answer @Joe91’s question: what is your screen shot showing? All you have said is that it “is invoices.” It does not appear to be a complete listing of any segment of the Sales Invoices tab listing. So you need to explain what this view displays and post a screen shot including column headings. If any of the columns are custom fields, explain that.

You also need to post a screen shot of the Edit screen for a sales invoice that you believe is not being displayed correctly and is shown on the first screen shot.