ABN not appearing in PAYG payment summary

Just starting to set up my payg payment summaries and for some reason when I view one for an employee at the bottom it has our business name but not our ABN. I have entered the ABN in the business details section in settings but it doesn’t show up when i view the report.
Any ideas how to fix this??
Many Thanks

Some back ground information would help as it work well for me

  1. Does it work for other employees?

  2. Has it worked in the past for you?

  3. What versions of Manager?

  4. What country are you in and have you loaded the localisation for that country?

Hi Patch

  1. it doesn’t work for any of the employees
  2. never tried in the past as just new with this
  3. i’m using the Cloud version of Manager
  4. I’m in Australia and I have it set for here

Many Thanks

Payers ABN details are missing on bottom of form??

There seems to be a minor bug in the report transformation “PAYG payment summary — individual non-business”.
To reproduce it:

  • Create at test business
  • Got “Setting” -> “Import” -> “PAYG payment summary — individual non-business” (Custom field ABN is not listed)
  • Goto “Settings” -> “Business Details” -> Custom field “Australian Business Number (ABN)” is not available
  • Goto “Reports” -> “PAYG payment summary — individual non-business” -> ABN is not listed.
  • Got “Setting” -> “Import” -> “Single Touch Payroll Worksheet”
  • Goto “Settings” -> “Business Details” -> Custom field “Australian Business Number (ABN)” is available, Set it to a value
  • ABN is now shown in “PAYG payment summary — individual non-business”

Tested with 20.7.73

@cinemax Load the “Single Touch Payroll Worksheet” report transformation, set your ABN in Business Details then it should show on your “PAYG payment summary — individual non-business”

that worked!! thanks so much

This is related to another listed Bug - Creating a new business: entering ABN
Currently, the ABN dedicated field doesn’t become available under Settings > Business Details until the Single Touch Payroll has been imported. Whereas that ABN dedicated field should become available when any localisation is imported.

Fixed in the latest version (20.8.30)