Creating a new business: entering ABN

Hi All, and thanks in advance for helping me here.

I have just started using, and am setting up a new business. I’d like to add an ABN to the business, but can’t find anywhere to do it. Some older forum responses direct me to Settings → Business Details, but this doesn’t appear to have any fields beyond name and address.

Have I done something wrong in setting the business up? Or is this information to be entered elsewhere?



go to settings then custom fields and create custom field under Business Details first

What did you want Manager to do with this information?

  • If you want it printed with the address then you can add it to the address field.

  • If you want it just stored you can create a custom field for the business and put it there.

  • If you want it to appear in custom reports (localisation, custom themes) you will need to write these. If you want it for STP in Australia, load that localisation

  • If you want it to appear in one report type you can create a custom field for that report type and set the default value to your ABN

Thank you both for the prompt and helpful replies! I think I’ll want it to appear on invoices and other business records. At the moment we have no payroll, so if it is needed in the future, I guess I can load that localisation when I need it. So I’ll go down the custom field route.



If you are registered for GST, then when you download the GST Worksheet under Localisations then the ABN custom field should appear but I note that that is not occurring.

If you aren’t registered For GST then create a custom field as others have advised.

@lubos, if a user is downloading the Australia GST Worksheet then that automatically implies that the business must have an ABN (as you can’t register for GST without one), yet under Setting > Business Details no ABN custom field is created with the GST Worksheet is download. However, if the user downloads the STP, Worksheet, then the ABN custom field is automatically created under Setting > Business Details with that download.

As a business is more likely to have GST obligations (due to the turnover thresholds) before it has Payroll (paying employees) obligations then the ABN custom field’s creation should also occur when GST Worksheet localisation is download.

The reason ABN is not imported when importing GST Calculation Worksheet is because the report itself doesn’t show ABN anywhere. But I agree with you that if you are importing this worksheet, it would imply that the business does have ABN so I’ve added ABN to the worksheet in the latest version (20.8.30).

Thank you @lubos. Whilst the worksheet itself may have not require the ABN, the Sales Invoices that create the worksheet data do require that ABN, so hopefully this ABN entry is also being used with the Sales Invoices.