Ability to add a PDF and comments to expenses, customers, fixed assets etc

It would be great it we could have a comment and / or attachment field to the detailed transaction input page.

An example is meals and entertainment. A comment field would allow for IRS documentation about what the nature of the expense was and who was in attendance.

An attachment filed would allow pertinent documents to be integrated with the financial statements for audit, review, and compilations.

All transactions contain description field so that is where you can enter extra information.

File attachment is a feature that will be implemented soon. It will allow to attach one or more (scanned) documents to any transaction.


Any idea when this feature is coming. I am using home depot, lowes, walmart, etc and they are able to track things there but smaller vendors I only have a receipt. Would be great to attach that to the file. No paperwork and the accountant still has the invoice.

Also, might want to look at lowes and home depot. HD sends email copy of invoices, Lowe’s puts in your My Lowe’s account. You can use mine if you wanna look at what I am talking about.

Great job on the updates.

Sorry I have been a stranger.

Will be adding some other suggestions soon.

I’m planning to add support for “Notes” before end of this month. I imagine PDF attachments will come soon after that. The main challenge with PDF attachments is to make them work consistently across desktop, cloud and server editions. I have a few ideas I’m considering.