Attachments for Fixed Assets?

Can attachments be added for fixed assets?
Things like waranty, purchase agreements, etc…
If not, where would the best place to store them?

When you purchase the fixed asset you can add the documents to the purchase invoice or if not using an invoice to the payment.

Not currently.
As a work around I have created dummy balancing transactions for +0.01 and -0.01 on the same day then attached documents to that transaction. Needed mostly for assets bought before I started using Manager.

I agree that for both Fixed Assets (and also Intangible Assets) attachments are required.
Just to share my approach until this feature is available:

  1. Create Text Custom Field for Fixed Assets.
  2. Attach the document/file you want in a Folder.
  3. Open this attachment, and copy its URL.
  4. In the Custom Field you have created for the Fixed Asset, write:
    <a href="PASTEtheLINKhere"> WRITEhereTHEnameFORtheLINKyouWANT </a>

Although I already replied but probably not clear enough so let me try again.

  1. You can attach an image to a Fixed Asset under the Assets tab. This is of limited use as it will only show when clicking on the camera icon in the assets lists.
  2. “…Things like waranty, purchase agreements, etc…” can be attached from the Payment and/or Purchase Invoice View Screens. You can attach multiple files and they take PDF, PNG, etc. extensions.

It is that easy.

What If I buy a piece of equipment, and want to attach parts manuals, or service manuals, or even service records performed in house. Wouldnt it make more sense to store these with the fixed asset?
I could use folders, but, they still wouldnt be directly tied to the asset.

The purchase transaction would normally be recorded in your accounting software. I attach such documents to that transaction. A solution which can be done now in Manager.

It is in the ideas group now, so there maybe other options in the future.

Manager is first and foremost an accounting system with simple easy to use features designed for small businesses

Attempts to turn it into a documentation storage system, customer relations system, employee reporting and payroll system, ERP system will only move it away from its primary purpose and be self-defeating in the end


Where do you store them now?

I agree with @Joe91 that Manager is an accounting application and not a storage system.

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Do you really want to allow access to your accounting system by a service technician who is repairing a machine? I suspect not.

Actually for a micro business or home user storing the instruction manual with the invoices & any other documentation works well. A home user / micro business is not going to run some other electronic document management system so the alternative is a fully manual filing system/non-system. As for giving permission; it is the business owner giving permission to them self.

The answers and solutions are different for a large company with hundreds of employees.

From a small business perspective…
It would be nice to attach certain things to my fixed assets.
Especially if it’s only a file or two that may or may not ever be needed.

We attach all purchase receipts in manager to every payment transaction.
We attach a “signed invoice” to each invoice transaction before submitting to our customers accounting department.
We attach “Master Service Agreements”, and contracts to each customer in the customer Tab.
We attach “Employee documents etc” to each employee in the employees Tab.
We attach a copy of our actual payslips to each payslip entry.
We attach a copy of our depreciation schedule to each depreciation entry every year.

We even attach digital catalogs to some of our suppliers!

And any time we need to reference any of these… it is a lot easier to go see the attachments then to dig through a bunch of files to find what were looking for.

@Joe91 I guess i have turned mine into “a documentation storage system”!
I figured thats why attachments were added in the first place.

@Tut I am the service technician. lol and the book keeper, janitor, sales.
If i ever get big enough to actually hire me a Service Technician, he will have his own folder full of manuals (not in the accounting system).

Maybe for some of you attachments to fixed assets is pointless but it is one of the only few items in Manager that doesnt have them, and i for one would utilize it if it were avalaible.
just saying…

Happy thanksgiving!


Added to the latest version (23.12.4)

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