Good morning from Greece again,
I am going to post an xml link we need to be exported from the database which we dont have access or transparency to do so. That XML is crucial for our intergration with MyData which is what the Greek IRS asks us to provide them. We are not able to in good time or without spending too much resource and money into this to go over that. It would be very easy for the devs of Manager to provide us with that XML structure so we can create java scripts to connect to our AADE.
This is something that is required from the EU, please do check this out




I would appreciate if you could find a solution to use your program with aade and my data.
Any help would be great!

Thank you

I don’t think anyone of the dev team cares about it. Last 6 months we are stack with the transformation pattern which is something entirely different. Noone really read the documentation posted or did so but not cared.

The developer has already added Custom Actions which enable the use of javascripts. This will be the way forward to integrate country specific requirements.
Please read the topic below