Accounting in Greece

This is not strictly a Manager question but might have implication on its usage:

Any Greek users here that can clarify if this means that the government will provide an accounting software package for everyone to use?

as it happened in italy before if i am not mistaken this means there will be software approved by government but it will not be accounting software

consider it more like an invoicing software you can make invoce and they are send to an central server in real time,
you make an invoice for business XXX
after you put the invoice in the certified goverment software, the invoice will be transferred to an central server of tax ofice and they can see in real time how many invoices you made and how much taxes you have to pay, also the bussiness xxx you invoiced can check the invoice in this server too.

it is an easier way for the goverment to check that all invoices and purchases are declared and not hidden.

but it will be an software for invoices only not an accounting software

From what I have read and understood, there will be a platform on which we will post invoices.
But many in the industry say they will not be ready for January 1.

PS - I am not an accountant, just a user.

Can you share a link about Italy please?

In Italy you don’t get a platform to post invoice. It’s up to you how to transmit the XML to the interchange hub and to preserve the XML files. So there are different service providers that helps you with that.

The invoices must be automatically sent to the tax office platform from your manager program where create your invoices.

This should be done immediately when you create an invoice or at regular intervals (every 15 days for example). I have seen some programs that have a button in their program and when click it, the invoices automatically sent.

Tax office are giving an API for programmers to configure and connect their programs to the tax office platform.

Here the Links for the API

Unfortunately it writes them in greek.
I am not a programmer and I cannot understand more.

Everyone must connect their program up to 1 july.

@lubos, is there a way to integrate this request to manager?

@lubos we are will need this api intergration, can you give usa heads up update please?

That can be done in Manager by using a report transformation. Doing so and posting the localisation would mean it would then solve the problem for all businesses in Greece.