A request to make few changes in Invoice

Hi all, been using desktop version 17.11.41 for 5 months now.
If my request not too burden, I hope someone can teach me how to make a few changes in the invoice;

  1. the font size - make it smaller like in the ‘company address’ font
  2. add line - i need one line to sum up total pieces of quantity
  3. customer’s payment detail - located below total, just before the total amount payable

p/s; I have no idea of coding, liquid and so on. so to make it from scratch possibly would take me forever to finish :sweat_smile:

Thanks so much for your time.

First, update your software. You are several hundred versions behind, so much of the documentation in the Guides will not make sense unless you do.

Hard-coded label font size can only be changed with custom themes. See Manager Cloud. Text within a field can be changed with HTML. See Manager Cloud.

This is not possible. Quantities can be in different units of measure: barrels, hours, liters, and inches. So adding them could produce nonsense.

Update your software. This feature was added.

You should hire a local programmer. This is not a coding forum. Any competent web developer should be able to do the job.

@Tut Thanks so much for the info. Now I will work on it step by step