Font size

hi friends
how can i change the font size of the invoice?

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i need to chang the font size not font type

There are options in theme to change Font Size

sorry sayed ,
give me the number of it

You need to employ a programmer and pay for their time. The is two ways of doing that:

  • part with your money to employ someone with those skills
  • part with your time to work out and learn how to do it.

Expecting other users to part with their time because you can’t be bothered is rude

Asking others to do work for you also violates the rules of the forum: FAQ - Manager Forum.

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i don’t need others to do work for me, just I need the help.

You got help from Syed_Salman_Ali

If you do not understand what he said, then you have the two options that Patch gave you

“Line number 6” , if you are referring to the word invoice i.e is the title of the document.

“Line number 6” refer to the title of invoice but
I mean the items within the table

Thanks Khurram

@drdiaa, this forum is not for coding instruction. Changing font sizes in custom themes is very straightforward for even a marginally competent programmer. With all respect, your posts indicate you do not have these skills, so you should hire professional assistance if you want to make that type of change.

OK Tut
Thanks a lot