30 Historic Purchase invoices showing as unpaid

After the latest update I have 30 old purchase invoices showing as unpaid, all of these are either $ or € accounts, but not the £ account, example “Invoice total” shows as $400, “balance due” as £800, so the balance is doubling up the Invoice total.
Any guidance on why this should happen would be appreciated
I’ve just realised that it’s adding the payment to the invoice total, not deducting it. This seems to be on PI’s that were paid in pounds, and the invoice was in USD or €, I suspect that it was something we did at the time and now the update is showing it up.

If you are not on version 18.5.54, update your software. I haven’t tried to duplicate your problem, but there are a series of changes being rolled out, and problems involving multiple currencies have been reported and solved. I don’t know if yours was one of them.

Please post an update after you upgrade your software.

I have upgraded, i’m on 18.8.54

I’ll elevate this to bugs status.

Hi all
I’m on 18.8.54 desktop version and I have a similar problem with transactions using multiple currencies.
In for solutions…

Fixed in the latest version (18.8.55)