Currency conversions have inverted


Apologies if I’ve missed this elsewhere, search doesn’t seem to show anything for other users.

I have just updated the server version from 18.7.77 to 18.8.53 and noted all the numbers have gone strange. On further checking it seems that all the currency conversions have inverted for the entire history of all the companies.

I run accounts in HKD and trade in HKD, GBP and USD.

The usual conversion for HKD to USD is *0.1282 and the value in the settings is set that way still. But I am seeing HKD to USD being calculated as *7.85 (that is the opposite of what it should be, 1 over 0.1282 or converting the wrong way) and HKD to GBP being *10 instead of /10.

Should I leave the set conversions as is and wait for a bug fix?

Just to correct, further checking it seems the conversion is not inverted but something else is going on related to the currency conversion.

A USD 4000 invoice where USD 4000 is paid which reported zero balance before now reports outstanding balance is USD 8000. That’s affecting all invoices so it looks like I’ve not paid any invoice ever.

My foreign exchange losses have gone from a few % to 300% of my turnover.

Will investigate further…

Could you upgrade to the latest version (18.8.55)? It should be fixed.


Unfortunately not, no change to the data reported. My issue seems the same as this one:

18.8.56 still showing for example a USD 4000 purchase invoice, paid USD 4000 shows a USD 8000 balance after my last upgrade instead of USD 0.

I’ve discovered what was wrong. Try version 18.8.58.

That’s got it!

Thanks for the support.