[17.6.35] Bug? Application won't run

Hi guys, just downloaded the latest Ubuntu desktop version tonight which I believe is v17.6.10, which I installed to upgrade the v16.10.51 I was running previously. However it won’t run - at all.

When I try to run the application, I get a blank white screen with the single word “Busy” in the middle of it.That’s it - nothing else happens…

I have my company files saved under the system generated names, but on a network share on my lan. The files seem to be intact. I uninstalled the application, and reinstalled the previous version and everything seems fine.

I then repeated the installation of the new version just in case something had glitched, but got the same result even after deleting and reinstalling three times.

I’m running fine with v16.10.51 so there’s no panic - but I was keen to try out the budgeting features…

Is this a bug specific to my configuration?

Other posts have suggested that you may need to upgrade Mono to the latest version.

Latest version is 17.6.35. So you might want to download again.

Thanks guys,

I downloaded 17.6.35 - and it is doing exactly the same thing… “Busy”.

Rolling back to 16.10.51 still works fine.

Presumably it still works for others. Perhaps I’ll play with moving the company files back to the original location?

OK - Here’s what I found.

If the /home/.local/share/Manager/data file exists when the application starts, containing a link to to the network share, then the entire application crashes.

If I deleted the data file, then the application would start, and look to have the company files imported. However - as the file tool used by Manager to locate the files, lacks the native file browser’s ability to “show hidden files” - it isn’t possible to navigate to the default folder that contains the company files.

At this point however, it IS possible to navigate to the network share, and then import the company files from there. Once imported and renamed - the new version seems to have no trouble at all returning to the network share to locate the files. Incidentally, it doesn’t recreate the data file that the previous version used to point to the alternate file save location.

So it seems it was the presence of the data file that caused the issue - not the fact that it pointed to a network share as I had suspected.