Confused after upgrading

I have just upgraded to 17.6.60. I expected to see new buttons marked “New” and “Open” but I have still got “Add Business” and “Remove Business”. Also my data files are still in a non-intelligible format. I have 2 businesses and the data files are in G:\Manager. I am wanting to add a third business but have the data file in DropBox. I created a new business but it didn’t give me the option of where to locate it. When I clicked “About” and selected “change”, then clicked on my DropBox folder it said that there were no data files in there and to move them by hand. I don’t know which files to move. I would have thought that when it said “Change”, it would have copied the correct files across for me.

There were changes to were the files are stored, and how they are named. New and Open have been phased out

See the troubleshooting guide here:

There is also discussion that may help in the Release announcement: [17.5.8] Added budgeting (+ going back to Application Data folder)

All the files have to be in the Application Data folder. You may change the location of that folder to a cloud service, but all your businesses will be there.

Thank you. I hadn’t spotted that it was going back to what it was! By the way your first link doesn’t work.

@netconuk, you apparently missed updating to a version with the New and Open approach. Now that concept has been abandoned because it didn’t work for server edition, so we’re back to what you knew previously (for the most part).

Add the new business as you would have before. Open it and look in the lower right corner of the window. You will see in light gray the file name for it. Note that down, close Manager, and move that file to Dropbox.

The Change button doesn’t transfer or move any files for you. It only changes where Manager looks for the files. So you have to move the files by hand, then reset the path. See this Guide for more information: Note that the application data path is a global preference. All your data must be in one location for all your businesses.

Sorry, I corrected it.

Thank you all for your help. I have three business, one of which I wish to share the Manager file to ANOther on an on-going basis, but not all of them. I thought that I could create the one business in DropBox and then share that folder to ANOther and he could see it on his version of Manager. I realise we can’t both have Manager open at the same time but we could work around that. Is this not achievable?

You can install Manager twice on your computer. Once under each user account. So yeah, it’s achievable - not sure if anyone is doing this. At some point it’s just simpler to use cloud or server edition if multiple users are involved (if you can justify the cost).

Thanks. If I had the server version can I separate the businesses? I need to keep two private but share the third.

Yeah, that’s possible. See:

Thanks for your help. looks like you’ve sold me a server edition!

I’ve just thought of another cunning plan. What would happen if I moved all the data files to Dropbox but then only set the DropBox attributes to share just Business3 with ANOther? Presumably I would have to share certain other files to make his Manager work and I guess he would see the names of the other businesses on his version of Manager but wouldn’t see any data associated with them. If this sounds feasible, what other files would I have to share to make Manager happy?

Have a look at which explains the content of the folder.

I didn’t know Dropbox can share just files. I thought it could only share folders.