[16.11.24] Added ability to create custom themes

The latest version includes ability to create new custom themes. This means you can extend or adjust existing in-built theme or create completely new one from scratch.

Here is how it works.

Let’s say we want to adjust the theme with blue background and change the background to yellow.

When viewing any document with this theme, click on Edit Theme button in top-right corner.

This will take you to screen where you can edit theme code.

Now, have a look at the first line in the template which says:

<table style="background-color: #E8F3F8">

Change the color from #E8F3F8 to #FFFFEE so the line becomes like this:

<table style="background-color: #FFFFEE">

Then click Create button to save the theme.

After your theme is created, your new theme will be automatically activated and you will see it applied on document you were viewing.

You can click Edit Theme button again and continue applying changes based on your requirements.


What about the Business Identifier and Business Logo, which is missing since the introduction of new themes? Though the normal theme is still available under switch themes option, the alignments are out of order and not presentable (ref my earlier request on “Document Formatting” topic. Now these are missing and the business identifier is very important for our operations and I am back to square one and started sending documents in excel… as it was being done an year before.

Yes, from some themes, but not from others. It is well within the realm of possibility that a user might wish to have a logo on some documents but not on others. The variety of themes makes this possible and suggests ways in which you might generate your own custom themes. The bottom line is that if you want a logo, you can have one.

The Business Identifier field does, indeed, seem to be missing, even on the original, default theme.

Can you provide explicit examples, preferably with screen shots? I have done a fairly exhaustive review of forms and reports and find only one margin misalignment for onscreen reports.

In the latest version (16.11.30), the business identifier has been added to all themes.

Please what happened to the PAID IN FULL and OVERDUE stamps on the Invoices? @lubos

They were overlooked when creating themes. He has promised to restore them soon.

I cannot install latest version on Windows 7… error shows as “manager cannot be installed on systems with internet explorer version lower than 9” … please resolve…

I modified the themes by reducing the font size (among other modifications) but I can’t modify the table lines font size (e.g. invoice lines). Is this possible yet?

@virtuos Just update your browser to internet explorer 11 and you’re good to go.


First of all, you can’t modify the built-in themes at all.

As for custom themes, except for those elements where a specific font size is specified, everything is in a standard size specified within the main program. That happens to be 12 pixels, which is somewhat smaller than it used to be. But you could specify any font size you want in a custom theme with the proper code. Just don’t ask me what that would be. :blush:

@Tut I set “Themes” and not built-in Themes :yum:

I duplicated the built-in themes and I have change the font size in custom themes (title, customer details, business details, subtotal, total etc). But I can’t find the way to change the Table font size.

Anybody? I guess I have to read again… pfff! :spy:

I think this is a bug in PDF generator where setting font-size on table tag doesn’t flow down to cells.

The workaround would be to set font-size on individual <td> tags.

So you can try that but I’ll probably fix this today.

OK, thanks!

Standalone Version 16.11.39
What’s gone wrong here? I have a custom file called Bank Details. The label “Bank Details” appears in the right spot but the table itself sits on the bottom of the page.

Here’s my custom field code
[table style=“border:1px solid #000; width:250px; padding:10px”]
[td style=“text-align:right”]Bank:&nbsp[/td] [td]XXXX[/td][/tr]
[td style=“text-align:right”]Sort&nbspCode:&nbsp[/td] [td]11-22-33[/td][/tr]
[td style=“text-align:right”]Account:&nbsp[/td] [td]12345678[/td][/tr]
[td style=“text-align:right”] BIC:&nbsp[/td] [td]BANKEU1234J[/td][/tr]
[td style=“text-align:right”] IBAN:&nbsp[/td] [td]EU12BANK11223312345678[/td][/tr]

Any ideas?

I think this is a bug where Manager will insert <br> for each line break you have in custom field.

If you write HTML markup in such a way that it is all on the same line (no line breaks), then the position of the table will be correct.

Yup. That works. Thanks Lubos.

can i not use new version on windows 7 not updated to SP1?
error shows while installing…bcoz of internet explorer 9 not installed…i cant install IE9 /10/11 bcoz my OS is windows 7 and not SP1

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I thought you don’t need SP1 to install Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7.

Anyway, if that’s the case, upgrade to Windows 7 SP1 (which is free), then upgrade to Internet Explorer 9 (which is also free), then install Manager (free).

Back in view templates I had added the Customer Code field to my invoices.

I can’t seem to figure out how to include this field in the new Theme? How does one reference the Customers.CustomerCode field to display?


Is the box ticked to show the custom field on printed documents? And is there anything in the field? (In other words, have you created a new invoice that actually has the code?) Manager will not display even the field label for an empty field. And it will not retroactively add a custom field to a previously created invoice, only to new ones. I have tested custom fields on sales invoices and they show just fine as long as those two conditions are met.