Year-end list of creditors

I was was wondering if anyone knew how to solve this problem if possible??

So I’ve been using excel for my YEAR END LIST OF CREDITORS, and have started using Manger io software in March, therefore I need the figures and creditors for March to put into the excel sheet. (Please see attached?)

Would any know if it would be possible if I can view the creditors and amounts for a particular month? If so how is this done?

Thanks in advance

Have you looked at Aged payables report?

I’m not sure you you mean by that?

I google it and a previous thread came up:

Aged Payables report needs to be explicitly enabled. Go to Settings, then General Settings and make sure Aged Payables is checked under Reports.

But there isn’t a General Settings listing in the Settings?

Does any one know how to do the above?


I’m currently using version Manager 16.3.64 for Mac.

Aged Paybles is in the Reports tab. If you don’t see aged payables in reports, then you probably need to go to customise and add the purchase invoice tab I would guess.

The reason that old thread doesn’t make sense is because reports are now enabled as the modules that use them are enabled.