Xero conversion instructions

We are currently using Xero and we have decided to convert over to Manager.io but I cannot find the instructions for this conversion. Could you please tell me where I can find the instructions?

You can’t really move over all transactions out. Xero doesn’t make it easy.

As per their guide https://help.xero.com/au/Q_DataOut

You can’t create a full backup of your data yourself.

The best way is to decide on what day you want to start and then set it as Start date under Settings tab.

Every account (general ledger accounts, customers, suppliers, bank accounts, capital accounts, inventory items, fixed assets etc.) can have then starting balance as of start date.

If you can export lists of customers, suppliers, inventory items etc. Then spreadsheets can be imported into Manager using batch operations, see: http://guides.manager.io/businesses/inventory-items/batch-operations

Thanks for the quick reply!

Do you have any step-by-step instruction to extract the maximum data out of Xero and into Manager.io?

The first step I’d do is to print Balance Sheet as at last day on Xero.

Create new business entity in Manager, don’t enable any modules yet.

Set start date under Settings to be your first day on Manager (e.g. if last day on Xero is 30/06/2016, then first day on Manager is 01/07/2016).

Then go to Chart of Accounts under Settings and make sure to create all accounts as per balance sheet, and set starting balances for all accounts as per balance sheet.

Once you do this, you should be able to print balance sheet in Manager as per 01/07/2016 and all accounts/figures should equal to balance sheet as per Xero. This is the first part of migration.

Then next part is to move over subsidiary ledgers such as bank accounts, accounts receivable, accounts payable, fixed assets, payroll etc.

Ok thanks. I’ll give it a go but it appears too difficult. I may need to stay with Xero.
Thanks for your help.