Moving to Manager from Quickbooks

Hello all,

I’m relatively new to Manager. I have been investigating / playing with Manager for about 2 months. I have select my options, configured my bank accounts, set up my chart of accounts to fairly closely match my current accounting scheme.

Now I am attempting to plan for starting to use Manager over Quickbooks, and I am at a loss for how to proceed.

I imagine that it would be easiest to start at the beginning of a fiscal year (1-January). Even doing so, I will have invoices issued but not yet paid, credit cards with outstanding balances, etc.

Is there a guide for getting started when you are moving from an existing accounting system?

Thank you for all the help you have provided through your many forum posts. I am really impressed by the software, and the level of interaction visible on the forums.

Chris Fischer

Yes, that is definitely true, but not required. Because you are migrating, you need to set a Start Date. See the Guide:

Then set starting balances for your accounts. See instructions about halfway through this Guide: for general accounts. For bank and cash accounts, see and

For starting balances of Accounts receivable and Accounts payable, see these: and

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Thanks, @Tut! That’s an awesome response with loads of help. Has anyone ever tried to migrate detailed transaction data from QB (or anything else) to Manager? If not, I guess I just run a bunch of detailed reports out of QB at year’s end so that I have adequate documentation for my accountant (and the IRS, if necessary). I don’t want to pay Intuit a day longer than necessary.

You cannot export/import transaction data. This is true for almost any accounting system in the world. QB has apparently made claims that it’s possible, but many people report that it doesn’t really work. And there is no need. Companies transition between accounting programs all the time. Keep the old reports in case of an audit and move ahead.

Is Manager a double entry accounting system like quickbooks? My accountant says I need to use a double entry accounting and that some systems like Fresh books are not.

Yes. Full double entry.