Migration from another software


Is there a workflow of all the steps to follow to migrate the accounting from one software to Manager? I can only find separate how tos on a single task.


There is no high level workflow, because different situations may require different steps. Guides are purposely kept to single tasks as far as possible. However, almost all migration tasks are taken care of during chart of account construction. Then, you may do a few batch imports.

@Tut For example… to set-up the starting balance sheet should I use a journal entry with all the amounts?

No, you enter the starting balances via the tick box which is part of the COA set up, but to see this you need to have entered a date under Settings - Start Date

Except for Accounts Receivable / Payable - read these guides

Also with Cash Accounts & Capital Accounts you enter the starting balance at the sub-account level.

Thanks a lot. That works also for the inventory?

Btw. Is there a way to input also all the closing balances (BS and PL) of the previous years?

Yes. You might look before asking or read the applicable Guides.

Closing balance sheet balances from the previous accounting period are the starting balances on your start date. P&L balances do not require starting balances for a new accounting period. If you are asking about balances for several previous years, no, you cannot enter those.