Wrong Subtotaal in "NL Draft VAT Tax Return" report

The subtotal in the “NL Draft VAT Tax Return” is not calculated correct.
The report for this quarter shows me
Line 1aTax to be paid is € 4708
Line 5b VAT on purchases is € 257
Subtotal shows € 4452

Every calculator tells me that the subtotal is € 4451,-
Can you please correct this.
Kind regards,

It appears to be an issue of when the rounding is occurring, say

4708,45 = 4708
256,55 = 257

But 4708,45 - 256,55 = 4451,90 or 4452

@Brucanna is correct. I think the report could be improved so 5b field would add up already rounded figures. This way the report itself wouldn’t show anomaly like this.

In addition, the way I remember this is that with Dutch tax you are allowed to round to your own benefit. E.g.; in terms of tax to be paid you can/should round down. In tax paid you are allowed to round up.