Rounding on Dutch VAT report

Hi Lubos
I have tested all standard Dutch VAT-codes both with a sales invoice as well as with a purchase invoice and the VAT Tax-Return Report (Concept BTW-aangifte) is now showing the right figures at the correct lines in the report (aangifte). However all individual amounts shown at lines 1 until 4b and 5b should be rounded to zero digits. The subtotals at lines 5a and 5c should be the totals of the to zero rounded amounts. In a test situation, because of not being rounded to zero digits, 21 + 21 added up to 43 in the report,which is not correct. Could you please change this and let me/us know.
Kind regards,

Hennie Eerhart.

The latest version should do the rounding too.

Hi Lubos, were almost there. An example
Nett amount €101.00 Vat 21% is 21.21 Total is 122.21
VAT on the tax report is rounded to € 21.00 which is okay.
Now the same invoice but negative for -101.00. Vat is -21.21 Total is € -122.21
Vat on the tax report is rounded to -€ 22.00
The same happens with a purchase invoice. I think you have to make a little change to the rounding conditions.
Again kind regards,

Hennie Eerhart.

I’m not able to reproduce this issue. Even purchase is rounded to “21”, not “22”.

Could you make a test file which demonstrates the issue and upload?

Hi Lubos,
I think their is a little bit of misunderstanding.
It goes wrong when you create an negative sales invoice with a net value of minus 101,- The sales VAT is -21.21 but on the report it is shown as -22
The same happens when you create a negative purchase invoice with the same negative values. Please find attached the backup file. Kind regards,
Testbedrijf (2016-09-25).manager (31.3 KB)

Thanks. I was able to fix this issue with negative number in the latest version (16.10.4)

Hi Lubos,
Thank you very very much sir.