Dutch "Concept Tax Declaration" does not show correct values

Hi guys,

I want to stop working with my current administration program and start with Manager, I think It is a great solution, but I have found two issues with the Concept Tax Declaration (Concept BTW Aangifte).

The first issue is that rounding is not applied correctly. For example from a value of 910,73 shows 910 instead of 911.

And the second issue is that the “Omzetbelasting” for 4b is not showed. It is a 21% of the 4b amount on which VAT is calculated. I know that the final result of the declaration is the same but I must declare it.

Thank you in advance

Ps. I uploaded an image. Left is the correct Declaration and right the Concept Manager creates. I tried to explain what is missing with the red text.

Gustavo G.

I have an appointment now, but when I am back later on this afternoon, I will dive into it and give you an answer.
Kind regards,
Hennie Eerhart. (member Dutch Translation Team)

Thank you Hennie!

Hi Gustavo,

Do you run the latest version of Manager? When not, download this version and please check again. When the problem persists, please let me know, then I will try to reproduce these figures. Lubos recently worked on the Concept BTW Aangifte.

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I checked things in a test company and I am running Manager 16.10.7 and used your figures.
The “Concept Aangifte BTW” shows the right figures at the right places. My advice, update to the latest version and run the report again and you will see that your problem is gone.
Kind regards,

Hennie Eerhart.

Hello @Hennie,
actually I’m using the last version for Mac.




I think I found the problem for the missing values. I’m using BTW 0% EU instead of BTW 21% EU. I’ll change all of the invoices and check it again. Thank you.

PS. Do you how to solve the rounding issue?



@ Gustavo,

The rounding issue is to my best knowledge also solved. I discussed this in another topic with Lubos.
If you want to read the history read the topic “rounding on Dutch VAT” and "where is the custom VAT-report that I made"
Vat due is rounded down to the next lower digit so VAT due 21.12 and 21.84 are both rounded to 21
The VAT “Voorbelasting” is treated the same way which is according to Dutch VAT laws .

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