Strange calculation with VAT

I made a first invoice and had some strange calculation - picture below

It’s in dutch, but it’s self-explanatory.
BTW or tax 21% on 1155€ is according to my calculator 242.55€ not 242.58€

Is this a bug?

It’s calculating the 21% tax on each line separately, rounding each tax amount to 2 places, then adding the rounded results. If you do it that way, you get €242.58. Is that how you normally do it in Holland? (In my country, we normally add up the pre-tax amounts, take the tax on the total, and then round to 2 places. Doing it this way, it comes to €242.55 as you said.)

I think almost in every country it’s like you discribed. Including mine which is Belgium. That’s why I thought it’s a bug. The vat selection on every line, should be just that, a selection. And then later if all the totals for a selected vat are summed should the vat be calculated, rounded to 2 digits after the period.

And to be even more correct:
The sum of all entries for a selected vat we call ‘Maatstaf van heffing’ or Mvh. If an invoice has lines with different VAT percentages, those totals schould be displayed seperately. A little bit like this:

If a company doesn’t sell goods at different rates (meaning no food) then the layout of an invoice is the way Manager does it, otherwise most invoices look kinda like the picture.

I found a perfect template for illustration purposes :). It’s in Dutch, but it shows both by law accepted layouts

If there’s only one VAT (BTW in dutch) you would erase all columns left of the grey total (the ones with 6,12 and 21%), and use the 2 fields above the grey total.

If there are lines with different vat percentages, you would do the opposite. Erase the 2 fields above the grey total and fill in the fields to the left.

In every country both tax calculation methods are accepted.

For general purpose double-entry accounting system it’s actually necessity to calculate tax for each line item separately. That’s because each line item is posted to general ledger separately. After all every line item can be for different income or expense account. Or if you do divisional accounting, each line item could be for different division etc.

Quickbooks, Sage and others all calculate tax on line item level. So does Manager.

Can you have a look at this topic? It sounds similar to Dutch use case and that has been implemented.

For the tax division that article is indeed the answer thanks.

I understand that the calculation is necessary on every line as you explain. But does it need to be rounded after every line.
If rounding only happens at the endresult it would work. Maybe a checkbox, so poeple can select. find this a magnificent piece of software, simple and efficient.