Wrong currency symbol in Uncategorised transactions


I have GHC (Ghanian Cedi’s) account (1), which has got two uncategorised transactions, which under “Uncategorised transactions” window appear as GBP transactions (2), although they are in GHC’s (3).
So that is not right.


What is not right is that you have not posted the transactions to accounts yet. That is why they are in Suspense. Post them to appropriate accounts and the issue will vanish. The presence of a receipt or payment in the Uncategorized column is Manager’s warning sign of an error. You really cannot expect the program to show the correct information until you enter a complete transaction.

But money are already in GHC’s account, transactions amount are in GHC’s, uncategorized transaction lines are also presented in GHC’s - nothing has anything to do with £’s, so why that symbols is there? that, in my opinion is more than enough to show correct symbol or recalculate correct value if technically impossible to change £’s into GHCs symbol.
That is one of biggest problems with Manager - its inconsistency everywhere. You cannot trust what you see on a screen, you always have to check and re-check twice. If symbol is next to amount, every user will presume, that this indicates currency of the transaction or line or column or whatever it is next to. If that symbol has nothing to do with the amount, so why it is being put there? To cause confusion?
Sorry, but I do not understand such developers approach and do not support it.

You are arguing about the order in which the program executes instructions. Default information may or may not be present before a transaction is properly completed. But why do you care? When you complete the mandatory elements of a transaction, everything is executed and the display is correct. What does it matter that incomplete transactions are not displayed the way complete ones are?

Would you be happier if Manager discarded incomplete transactions? That is what many programs do. Would you complain if an incomplete transaction displayed nothing? I suspect you would, because you are currently complaining that an incomplete transaction does not display the same information as a complete one. Why should it?

In my experience, I used to believe to what I see on a screen. When you see the sign “Speed limit 70 miles/h” and police stops you and says “oh no, the road is unfinished, speed limit is 70 km/h, you get penalty charge”, but this is exactly what you are trying me to convince to do - accept, that you cannot trust what you see on Manager’s screen. Or you are picking up way under sign “Manchester” and end up in Leeds with the same reason - road is unfinished yet, so traffic is diverted to Leeds. What a surprise…
There is no any other indications on the screen to have an idea that £’s symbol has nothing to do with those transactions inside and with the account those transactions are sitting in. So why it is there at the end?
If that is the only way Manager works (and there is no way to make it work differently, which I doubt), so may be it would be good idea to put a sign on each page “Do not trust what you see on a screen - transaction unfinished” or something similar. Just to distinguish between what is reliable what is not and save us all time.

In your analogy: You need to know how to drive & follow the rules before you are allowed on the road. Sure there are no stop signs on the foot path but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to stop if you find yourself on the foot path.

Getting back on topic: Are you saying it is sometimes not reasonable apparently you haven’t finished entering a transaction (despite reading the guides). If so how would you specifically change manager’s user interface to make it clearly apparent to other similarly educated users, the rest of the transaction data needs to be entered.

Renaming the “Suspense” account to something like “Data entry error” account or “Suspense (Data entry error)” account may help reduce confusion. I have never really understood why it is called Suspense and a search of the forums confirms failing to recognise the significance of entries there is not an uncommon problem.

Just because a transaction has not been posted to a non suspense account doesn’t mean that a drill down on that transaction should be reallocated it to a different currency.

It is clear that the uncategorised transactions are associated with a GHC currency bank account, look at the currency symbol under “Actual balance”, therefore when drilling down on those uncategorised items it is normal to expect that the same currency symbol should be applicable.

Being in suspense is not under question. Just one of many red herrings you have introduced into this topic.

What bulls…t. The programme is always showing a complete transaction, albeit the account being “suspense”. In the above example the programme is clearly showing that the uncategorised transactions are associated with a GH bank account. Yet the first drill down converts those transactions to GBP and a second drill down re-converts the same transaction back to GH, therefore the topic question is - why should a drill down path swap back and forth between currency symbols.

NO, they are not, more red herrings. They are arguing that Manager should be consistent - always showing the SAME currency symbol for the SAME transaction. Yet @tut it appears based on your responses you expect that users should except to see different currency symbols at various drill downs stages for the same currency transaction.

This is @Tut at their condescending best. If the poster didn’t care they wouldn’t have posted a topic on the forum. Also @Tut being judge, jury and executioner yet claiming that they are just a “user”.

That has to be one of the most stupidest questions ever put on this forum.
Firstly, there is no such thing as an incomplete transaction.
Secondly, of course it matters, otherwise Manager wouldn’t use a Suspense account.

This topic HAS NEVER been about incomplete transactions, yet @Tut with the belated support of @Patch has distracted and refocused the topic down this red herring path.

This topic has always been about the seeing the same currency symbol on the same transaction at all stages of presentation, therefore I will add it to bugs.

This is a bug @Solnce everyone will understand it is a bug and that is fine. What has to be done is to immediately fix the bug. I’m sure @lubos will address it immediately after discovering it.

Describing topics as User error, Program feature, Idea, or Bug is a judgement call as virtually all posts could be classified as any of these depending on the desired outcome.
I think we all want to Lubos to use his time efficiently but put different priorities on program functionality which is important to us.

From the guide Clear transactions in Suspense account

Manager is designed to preserve information rather than reject incorrect entries. But when anything is in your Suspense account, your records and reports are almost certainly wrong.

Whenever the suspense account or Starting balance equity have non zero values, that is actually a good idea as there have been about 10 topics in the last year due to user not realising this. A prominent banner on the summary page is probably the simplest solution.

The converse approach is to make the program appear to work even better in this error state. The disadvantage of which is it will tend to confused even more people.

Should Lubos prefer this direction, I suspect the underlying issue is transactions are assumed to be in the base currency when incompletely entered (and while in that state they are temporary stored/shown in the suspense or Starting balance equity). Which would explain the problems encountered in these threads

Wrong assumption, review the example provided in the opening post - extract below:

The transaction created by the user is in the correct currency and has the suspense account.

The problem (bug) being highlighted by @Solnce is that when the programme (nothing to do with the user) lists the bank account’s uncategorised transactions it is converting the currency symbol only, not the value - see extract below:

Correcting the suspense account allocation, does not fix the programme bug, it just removes the transaction from being listed - as it is no longer uncategorised.

To use your guide quote "Manager is designed to preserve information . . . "
Artificially modifying the currency symbol of a user’s transaction from this 0000000%20Bug%202 to this 0000000%20Bug%202a is NOT preserving information.

As @Solnce so correctly states:
“If symbol is next to amount, every user will presume, that this indicates currency of the transaction”.

Thank you @Brucanna, you told everything what I wanted to and even more.

Brother please fill the suspense and then correct ok

This was a bug. Fixed in the latest version (19.6.49)

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