Multicurrency in bank transaction

In the unsorted transactions, the default currency sign is used instead of the sign of the bank / transaction:

Bankaccounts -> Nog categorized -> Details

Is your software up to date? A bug fix was recently announced that corrected what sounds like this issue.

Just updated to 19.2.55. Problem is still there. The internal url is /uncategorized-bank-transactions

Can you illustrate with screen shots?

Presumably the bank accounts are in a different currency although this isn’t clear

In my Windows 10 Desktop version,19.2.45, inter-account transfers show up with the currency symbol of the transferring account ie the origin of the funds

Sorry, you are using the batch update function from the Receipts & Payments - at least that’s what it seems to be

It happens, when you go to “uncategoried”. Not at inter account transfer

What’s “uncategoried” - I don’t have that in my (English) version? Do you mean in the Suspense account?

Well, it’s not the suspense account by itself. Just click on the link from bank accounts. or open the url I posted.

@joris_manager, are you referring to a step in the statement import process? Can you give more information about how you got to the screen showing what you think is incorrect? A screen shot would help.

Yes that’s the same screen, but I’, not using imports. It’s simply using the default currency to show, and that’s incorrect. The account is in a different currency.
Add bank account, set currency to TWD. Global currency EUR.
Add transaction to bank account, leave the account empty.
Click the “1” in the bank account listview. to show uncategorized transactions.
Look at the amount. It’s in EUR.

I had previously posted a screenshot which I removed.

You have made a payment or a receipt but you have not specified what account the payment or receipt was for - so it has been posted to a suspense account

This makes the uncategorised transaction appear in the Bank Account list - but really this is an error on your part in that you did not say the account to be effected by the payment or receipt

Once you correct this there are no uncategorised transactions

But yes, it is probably a bug to show the default currency code

Jeez… I have made a payment on that bank account, so it knows which currency. All the other screens etc are displaying the proper currency.

How is it an error on my part if it shows the default currency when the currency is know ??
It’s a bug, no user error, it’s a simple bug which is easy to solve.

Just try what I’m saying and you’ll see… so far for suggesting improvements / reporting bugs on my side here. Good luck.

Thanks for reporting the bug - it took me a while to discover where you had found it as I don’t have multi-currency accounts, I don’t speak Dutch and when I used a test business to try and reproduce it, it never occurred to me to enter a bank transaction without an account