Currency symbol defaults when importing bank statements

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It’s a very minor point, but having searched the forum, it appears no-one has mentioned it, so it’s possible no-one else has noticed.

When you import a bank statement, the summary screen for movements imported shows the currency symbol for the base currency (I assume) of the business, not the symbol for the bank account currency being imported. For example, I have a GBP account (balance £10,000) in a EUR-specified business. I import £10,000 of bank receipts, and the summary screen shows:

Bank account XXXXXXX
Closing balance before import € 10,000.00
Number of transactions in the file 1 transactions
Number of transactions already imported 0 transactions
Number of transactions to import 1 transactions
Closing balance after import € 20,000.00

It has no actual impact on the figures - everything is imported correctly, but the first time I saw it, it caused some consternation, so I thought I’d point it out.


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The first question is whether your GBP bank account is properly denominated in GBP. It sounds like it might not be.

Then understand that all the format standards allow considerable latitude in content. Some banks include no currency designation in their exported files at all, because they are not concerned with your importing to some other application. They assume you know what currency your own bank account is in. So the export is just a bunch of numbers, transaction codes, and description fields content.

When you import to Manager, it is the same thing: a bunch of numbers, assumed to be in the right currency for the account. If the account was set up incorrectly, it will be incorrect forever.

Hi Tut,

No, the account is set up 100% correctly, no problems there.

Yes, it’s very true that the import does not hold currency information, hence the currency symbol on the import screen being taken from the business base, NOT the specific bank account. This is a purely cosmetic issue - it has no affect on the functioning of Manager at all.

As I said, it’s just a minor point that it is worth noting, as the first time I came across it, it was clearly wrong, but after cancelling, double checking, then going ahead with the import anyway, I realised it didn’t actually have any impact on the import. Just thought I’d point it out.

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Can you post a screen shot illustrating this?

Sure thing:

This is an import into a GBP account for a business with EUR as the base currency:


As you can see, the currency symbol is €, though both amounts are actually in GBP, the currency of the account. I’m sure it would be an easy fix (or, just to remove the symbol entirely).

I am moving this to the bugs category.

Fixed in the latest version (19.2.10)

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Awesome! Many thanks!

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