Cash Summary report subtraction is not correct

Hey, so I was calculating the Cash Summary report, and I noticed that when I subtracted the Inflow with the Outflow, my calculations were different from what it is on my report.

Here’s what it is on the report:
Total inflows: $3346.95
Total outflows: $2753.94
Net increase (decrease) in cash held: $773.39

Here’s what I calculated:
Total inflow - total outflow = net increase (decrease) in cash held

$3346.95 - $2753.94 = $593.01

Can someone please explain what I did wrong or it there a bug in the report that needs to be fixed?

What version of Manager do you have installed (under About Manager)?

Also, are you doing cash or accrual based account? And does your Summary page show anything in the Suspense account? And does the cash at the end of the period on the report agree with your actual total of cash on hand in cash and bank accounts on the end date of the report?

This is definitely a bug. Under no circumstances should report show discrepancy. Any possibility you could send me your accounting file to so I can have a look at this?

I’m using the Manager version 16.4.42

I’ll send my accounting file to

I sent you the file

I thought perhaps you had an ancient version, but you are quite up to date. I am also at a disadvantage, because I don’t know how Manager calculates the net increase for the report. @lubos’s quick reply suggests there is no hidden magic, just the difference between the two numbers. I was grasping at straws.

My quick guess is that it probably has something to do with the Foreign exchange gains (losses), because I work with 3 different currencies, and I recognise that it doesn’t take those exchange gains (losses) into account.

Your assumption is correct. The report was missing foreign exchange gains (losses). I fixed the report in the latest version (16.4.52) so it should all balance now.

Wow awesome! Thanks for the fast replies. Love this community and the product! :slight_smile:

It’s balanced, but now when I put another column with the same starting date as the other column, my Cash at the beginning of the period is different.

Cash at the beginning of the period should be $4687.42
but it shows $4592.83

I think something’s not quite right with the Foreign exchange gains (losses)

(Sorry to bother you again)

Were there transactions on 3/1/2016? The far right column in your screen shot shows ending balance on that date. According to what you wrote, the main column shows results beginning on 3/1/2016.

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Oh yeah, you’re right. I changed the main column to 3/2/2016 - today, and now it’s good. Thanks :slight_smile: