Written off invoices still showing as Accounts Receivable in the Customers Tab

I have already written off several invoices in the Billable Expenses tab. But when I go to the CUSTOMERS tab, it’s still showing under Accounts Receivable (S$62 and S$266 in the example below).

What should I do? Should I still make an adjusting entry to write off these two invoices?


From your screen shot it appears that you have already invoiced the billable expenses. If yes you need to cancel those invoices as well as writing off the billable expenses. Currently, changing the Billable Expense from “Invoiced” to “write off” doesn’t cancel the Invoice

There is possibly a bug in the system which allows an invoiced billable expense to be converted to written-off without the invoice being cancelled first, i.e. only unvoiced billable expenses should be allowed to be written off

There are two way to cancel the invoice. One way would be deleting the invoice altogether, then billable expense would need to be written-off.

If invoice is cancelled by credit note, then billable expense should stay “invoiced”.

This is not what I’d call a bug but I think I can see the issue. Writing-off billable expense which has been previously invoiced could imply that invoice should be written-off too. But that’s not the case here.

I might make it so it won’t be possible to change the status on already invoiced billable expense (or billable time).

That would tighten it up perfectly, or allow it to be attempted with a error message “Customer Invoice needs to be cancelled first before the Write Off can occur”.

Thanks @lubos and @Brucanna. I cancelled the invoice/deleted it. It would be great though if we can write off invoices as well, but that’s more a nitty gritty desire than a real accounting need at the moment.

by the way, thanks @lubos for a great accounting app. you’re doing a really great job.

@eric.santillan - if the customer hasn’t been issued with the invoice - just cancel/delete the invoice. If the Customer has been issued with the invoice, a credit note is writing off the invoice and leaves a proper accounting trail.

@lubos - Ignore the error message suggestion, as there would be to many complications considering the invoice status- issued, not issued etc. A “blank” can’t be changed is cleanest.