Billable expenses

After invoicing a billable expense to a customer the item still appears in billable expenses but as invoiced.That’s normal.
Can I clear it from this list now by assigning it to a different account like Sales or will it sit there forever .If it is moved will it affect billable markups or will the entry move once the customer pays the invoice…
It still appears in the blue totals for billable expenses on the summary page even though it has been invoiced.

I only ask this as it reduces the amount of items to search through in Billable expenses.

No. If you click Edit for a billable expense, you will see that you cannot delete it or reallocate it. This is because billable expenses are not entered as such, but are the result of bank or cash transactions or expense claims posted to the Billable expenses account and a customer’s subaccount. The billable expense is posted to an income account when it is invoiced from the Customers tab. So the Billable Expenses list is not an account, it is just a list of transactions that have been posted to Billable expenses with status.

Yes. But your worry seems to be the difficulty of searching. This actually is not the best place to search. Search instead in the Bank Transactions or Cash Transactions tab, as appropriate. Use the Search function to narrow things down.

Billable expenses - markup is an automatic account to which entries are posted by the program if you invoice the customer for more than the actual expense. You never make a direct allocation to this account.

Not from the Billable Expense tab.

Then you invoiced incorrectly. Read these Guides:

Billable expenses are transferred by invoicing to Accounts receivable. Ultimately, they vanish from your balance sheet and P&L because they are not your company’s expenses, but expenses of the customer that you have passed through. Thus, they never appear in your income figures.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Your information answers my questions,so thank-you.

I looked at your links and I believe i have followed the process correctly.
i still can’t sort the last problem of the billed out expense still showing in the summary page under billable expenses when you click on the blue total.
I have just noticed that it has changed from a debit to a credit and listed as a sales invoice instead of a bank transaction.
Is that mean i have done it correctly?

Just what do you mean by this? If you have invoiced all billable expenses through the Customers tab, as described by one of the links I gave you, the balance of the Billable expenses asset account should be zero. So what do you mean that “it” has changed from a debit to a credit? In fact, a billable expense just moves from one account to another as you invoice for it.

And just what do you mean by “it” being listed as a sales invoice instead of a bank transaction? There can be a bank transaction posted to Billable expenses. And a sales invoice can be generated through the Customers tab. But neither is converted into the other. Both remain. The only thing that changes is that amounts that were posted to Billable expenses by the bank transaction are transferred to the Accounts receivable balance created by the sales invoice.

I suggest reading the Guides again. Make sure that you followed the proper procedure at every step along the way. If you’ve still got a balance in Billable expenses after creating the invoice, you have extra transactions somewhere. Look in the Customers tab in the Uninvoiced column. There should be nothing there. In fact, if this is the only customer with billable expenses, the entire column should be hidden.

I will have a look again later.

Hi @paul3, it may also be helpful to post screenshots demonstrating what you are doing. Doing this helps to identify any misunderstandings a lot faster.