Check Printing

Not being able to print checks is starting to become a huge deal as my business and volume grow. Is there a time line on this module being deployed? Again and as always thanks for the great software.

This will be possible early next month.

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Yes I was just about to type a post when this post appeared so instead I thought I would just reply to this feature in the standalone edition would be nice but before I buy the server edition It would be must… I really like this software so far and only been using it for about 20 mins at this point. HOwever the inability to print invoices and checks … is a huge deal breaker… I might jsut be missing the invoice bit as I have not dived in completely. However Cheque printing is a must have…


When viewing an invoice, there is a Print button right at the top of the screen.

How close is Manager to a check printing feature? I noticed your staff posted it would be available in April 2015. Is it here yet?

Also, I have contract workers/vendors who receive 1099s at the end of the year. Is there a feature I can use for this?

Set your 1099 subcontractors up as Suppliers. When they invoice you, either pay immediately via Spend Money or create a Purchase Invoice if you will wait until your customer pays you. You will want to make sure you have an expense account for Contract Labor, or some such title. Manager will not create 1099 forms.

Hi, I’m new to Manager, and late to this question, but I don’t see how to print checks. Can you point me to that information?
Thanks very much!

Because its still not available as a feature

That would account for it then. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Anyone know how soon this feature is coming?
I’ve been looking at manager for the last couple of days, and to be honest this may be the only thing it can’t do for me. Unfortunately, i really do need to do it so if i can’t figure this out i may be forced to move on.



It looks like back in 2015, developing this feature was being considered. Any current plans for this?

What are other’s doing for check printing? Any work arounds?

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In theory, if you were good enough with making themes you might be able to write a theme to match your cheque layout for the payments screen.
I haven’t personally tried this yet, but i think i should.