Cheque Printing

Maybe I’m just dense, but I can’t find a way to print cheques. I can ‘spend money’, and assign it a ‘reference number’, but the transaction just sits there and nothing shows up that I can click on to print it.

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Sorry, cheque module hasn’t been implemented yet. It’s something I want to do, not just for the purpose of cheque printing but also for the purpose of bank reconciliation.


When can we expect this feature.

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Do you actually need this feature to print cheques or just to keep track of unpresented cheques?

we actually need it why because means each and every time writing the cheques means its consuming time. if any mistakes happened while writing again the cheque leave will be wasted and we can keep a track of cheque utilization also. so, please…

Printing checks would reduce data entry. Right now you have to enter data and then physically write check.

It would be great to have it integrated with this software…

Having Cheque creation, tracking and printing would be a killer feature. But the challenge will be in the cheque formating as its different for every bank.

Last week, new concept called View Templates has been added to Manager which allows very custom designs on invoices via HTML.

This will be extended in upcoming days across all types of documents in Manager so users will have complete control over how the printed content from Manager looks like. Obviously this can be extended to cheques when they are finally added so supporting cheque formats of different banks won’t be too difficult.

Any progress with the cheque printing and managing feature.

any update on printing cheques through manager?

Has HTML templates been implemented for Quotes, Sales Orders, etc? I can only find it for Invoices.

Check printing is a must. Allow formatting to setup alignment to print to pre-printed checks, image signature to sign checks, instant checks feature… basic stuff. Really want to use this software, maybe purchase the network version but with no check printing it’s just not complete and can’t use it. Bummer. If you are developing it what is the time frame??