Add a new tab (Work Order)

As per our work inquiry we need a new tab ( Work Order ) to be listed in the tab list, this tab can convert it to Sales Quote.

What would be the purpose of a work order? What would it accomplish in your desired workflow?

it will be internal document between the staff to organize the flow, example:

Meet the client → create Work Order → assign this Work Order to designing department to make the job → create Sales Quote → create Sales Invoice

then this Work Order will go in the end to the finance department to make sure all job is done and invoiced (tracked).

If I understand your desired workflow, you have some of the steps reversed. The sales quote should go to the customer for acceptance or approval before the work is performed. When the customer agrees to the work and price, convert the sales quote to a sales order in Manager. The purpose of the sales order is so internal personnel (the design department) know the work should be done. When the work is complete, the finance department can convert the sales order to a sales invoice. That is how I interpret your desired process should work in Manager.

However, if your description means your requested work order would go to the design department to tell them to estimate the price so a sales quote can be prepared, Manager does not have any price estimating capability except what can be performed with a sales quote. Obviously, this is somewhat limited, but no software program can envision all the possible different approaches to estimating job costs. In such a situation, the work order you have suggested would have no accounting purpose. It would just be an internal notification for someone to perform a task. Unlike a production order, this task would have no accounting impact. So it does not belong in an accounting system.

thank you for your email, in our organization the design is for free so that we generate the design first then the quote based on the design approval.

anyhow if it possible to create just a simple tab (just like the Sales Order) but with ability to convert it to Sales Quote to trace the serial number would be appreciated.


Let me make sure I understand. Are you asking that in addition to the current ability to convert a sales quote into a sales order that there be an ability to convert a work order into a sales quote? If yes, could the same purpose not be accomplished by using a sales order in the same way?

@lubos recently announced a plan to modify the program so delivery notes could be converted to sales invoices, not just sales invoices into delivery notes. If the same thing were done for sales quotes and sales orders so either could be converted into the other, would that solve your problem?

The reason I suggest this is that sales orders are intended for the kind of internal purpose you describe. The only thing you seem to have a problem with is the current, single-direction workflow.