Withholding tax payable has wrong currency label in Supplier screen

A supplier has invoiced us for US$1,000. They are not tax registered, so we deduct 10% withholding tax. I enter this option on the purchase invoice:

Everything looks right on the completed purchase invoice:

On the Summary page I can see the amount converted to our base currency of ZWL:


However, in the Witholding tax payable column on the Suppliers page this amount of $10,566.84 is showing in USD, the currency of the supplier:

(The amount of US$943.22 in the Accounts payable column includes the US$900 from the supplier’s invoice above plus US$43.22 of other amounts owed, so that is correct.)

It looks like it’s just a labelling error and there’s nothing wrong with the accounts.

I am using the cloud edition, version 21.11.54 on Windows.

Fixed in the latest version (21.11.57)

Thank you.