Displaying withheld tax amount from Sales invoice in foreign currency


The issue is related to incorrect display of the balance
of the sales invoice amount minus withheld tax in the list of sales invoices for a currency other than the accounting one.
In the screens example below accounting currency is EUR issued invoices USD and EUR for comparative.

If the sales invoice is issued in the USD and contains withheld tax (also in the USD), then sums in the “Total Invoice” column of the list of Sales Invoice is considered incorrect. She recalculates the amount of USD withheld tax in EUR and deducts recalculated withhold EUR from USD.

This is clearly seen when the invoice and withheld tax are made in the same accounting currency EUR - Amount is displayed correctly there.

At the same time, transactions and accounting entries are carried out correctly. This only affects the interface display.

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Noted! Great!
I have been using the program for a long time, but I happened to use the forum for the first time, I am still an inexperienced forum member.

Before getting into your explicit issue, you seem to have other problems. Namely, on your sales invoices, your currency codes are strange. Your Euro customer has a currency code of 978, and your USD customer has a currency code of 840. Is that actually how you have defined those currencies? One would expect to see EUR and USD as the currency codes. See Set base currency | Manager and Define foreign currencies | Manager.

That’s right.
The use of a numerical code for currency is necessary to download info from third-party source and banks.
The base currency of accounting is EUR. Foreign - USD.

Sales invoices was filled in correctly, for clarity
“Customer EUR” with EUR sums
“Customer USD” with USD sums

For 4 years of using the program, I have not had any questions about currency conversion.

But this year we have calculations on withheld taxes with customers.

There are no issues about EUR sales invoices.

For foreign currency in the USD, the Manager.io incorrectly displays the amount of withheld tax in foreign currency (USD in our case)

This appears only in the interface Manager.io (above attached screens). Everything is correct there in the accounting entries and main reports !!!

Can you illustrate what you mean by this? Also, have you looked at your Foreign exchange gains (losses) account? I have not explored this in detail, but I think what you are seeing is result of having to display the Withholding tax receivable balance in your base currency.

Not really.

Internal program calculations and records are correct. The balance records (DtCr) and the amounts in the Reports (BS, PL, TB) are also correct.

My question only applies to the interface of the section “Sales Invoices”. Only to this form of the interface.

Only here the incorrect amount is displayed. I don’t understand WHY? - perhaps it is in this form (Sales Invoices) that the formula of the program does not work correctly.

This is a software bug on the form of interface “Sales Invoices”