Sales invoice listing after deducting withholding tax

previous verison …sales invoice total amount is 1000 and and withhold amount is 50
on sales listing show invoice amount is 1000 and balance due 950 thats correct

but lastest version sales listing show invoice amount is 950 and balance due is 950 …
please fix this issue

Please say what version you are using - “latest version” is ambiguous as there can be multiple updates in the same day

What version did you upgrade from?

Post screen images of the edit screen of the invoice

I agree, the issue was discussed in the past here

I will add this topic to the bugs category. I can confirm this in the version number :

Also, Withholding Taxes deduction must also be reflected in Supplier and Customer Statements. See the example below:

The information should be presented as suggested below.

@lubos when will be solved ?

Fixed in the latest version (23.4.19)