Bug in P&L Statement?

When creating a Winst- en Verliesrekening (P&L statement), it can be seen in the image below that the figures on the line Betalingen voor onderhanden werk (Fees from work in progress) are correct. The figures of the first 6 columns sum up to the total in the seventh column.

However, the figures on the line Onderhanden werk - mutatie (Work in progress - movement) are not correct. The figures in the columns RR (4850) and RT (5150) are missing. I have checked whether I forgot to add a tracking code but that was not the case.

Is this intended behaviour or maybe a bug? If intended, what do I have to do to have the missing figures listed in their respective columns.

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I remember when I was implementing tracking codes support for billable time, I didn’t quite finish it and as a result, invoices don’t know how to debit Work in progress - movement account in relation to tracking codes.

The main reason is that I have second thoughts on Work in progress - movement account and thinking of some more meaningful alternative on how to account for it on P&L. I will be looking into this early next month so that is when I will also fix this issue.

Thanks for the clarification. I’m looking forward to the new alternative. Are you thinking of renaming the account into e.g. Unbilled time or Unbilled work in progress?

It’s not that simple. P&L is for the period of time and Unbilled time sounds more like a balance in asset account. I have some other ideas I’m going to play with.