Windows Vista

Can we install Manager Software in Windows Vista ?
If yes kindly advise me how to install
If No what to do have windows vista in my PC

Yes, you can install it in windows vista, win 7, win 8 & win 10. Which edition are u want to install? if, desktop click this link Manager Cloud

I have windows vista in my laptop but it doesn’t support manager whenever i download it and click on install it says nothing and can’t install.

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am having this same issue with with laptop with vista, @hasan87abc, the link you have put is not opening Manager Cloud please can you assist. thank you

I’m only going off the download page, but try: :slight_smile:

Try those link Download | Manager

@Stanley_Ganda, you were trying a link posted 14 months ago. You are always better off working directly from the main web site or the Guides in the first forum topic. Those are the only things that are maintained out of tens of thousands of forum topics.

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thank you for the feedback,
Download | Manager this linking is taking me to main website, l downloaded the manager from there but when l click it to install nothing happens. am using Windows Vista on my laptop, with this link l have managed to download the Zip file and l got stuck, l don’t know what to do next. l can see the contents in the zip file.

Which one do you want use? Desktop or Server? If server than extract zip than open ManagerServer.exe after that open your browser and type on than see what happen.
Thank you

I want to use the Desktop version. which l have downloaded and when l click to instal, nothing happens,

You may have to upgrade other software - read this topic at the bottom