Windows printing issue

Duplex Printing setting is ignored in manager. Everything else prints duplex when I select duplex in printer preferences! Not sure why this is happening.

Is this when you use Print button? What if you click PDF button and print the pdf in duplex?

Yes, if I use PDF button it will save file file as pdf and I can print using duplex in pdf editor program.

However, I am unsure why Manager ignores the windows printer preferences settings as the duplex etc settings are managed by Windows not by the program you are in.

It’s not a problem as I normally never need to print in duplex from Manager. But I would still raise it as a bug as Windows handles printer preferences so Manager is not handling the printer in the same way other programs do.

I don’t think this is a bug in Manager.

When desktop edition is open, can you open Internet Explorer and navigate to http://localhost:55555 ? This will allow you to access Manager in IE. See if you printing in IE shows the same problem. I suspect it will.

Interesting. It does not appear to work properly in Firefox or IE either. I think it has something to do with the margins etc. In IE it prints four pages ( a blank page, first page, blank page and second page), in Firefox it prints 3 pages. So it’s not actually duplex that is the issue, its the number of pages being printed that is the issue.

Not to worry. I hardly ever need to print anything in Duplex from Manager. So I am happy to close this issue.