Will a built in calculator function be added

Hi @lubos
Not sure if this is or has been considered . To me a badly needed nicety for manager is a built in calculator feature, similar in application as the pop up calendar .
When spliting a expense after a bank import i am always afraid I will alter the amount because of adding or subtracting using external calculator.
Not sure best way to go about it but would be wonderful feature for all.

Thank you

Before you split the expense you should copy & paste the amount to the Description or Notes field which you can use to cross check to the total of the transaction lines.

Hi tony

Thank you for suggestion and I will do so in future as a useful workaround. However I will keep the suggestion open as I think a built in calculator the best outcome. Thank you for reply , it will save my worry needs for now.

I disagree, it will just bloat manager. Every computer has calculator app already there.


Hi abeiku

Thank you for adding to discussion.

If it is true what you say, then of course I wouldn’t be as keen on the
idea as one of the things I love about manager is its speed and simplicity.

As I am not a programmer I have no concept on performance inpact on the
program ,hence the need to put ideas forward and see what @lubos thinks if
it has merit.

Just say it had little inpact, would you like to see it as a feature?.

If you don’t ask, you can never know if it is possible.

I hope it will be but as you have righly highlighted the benefit must
outway any negative impact. I want to make Manager better like you do.


I understand you very much. I also just commented with my view

Not sure how you imagine this feature to work. Calculator button on every number field would seem over the top.

What I could consider would be add ability so that Manager can understand simple arithmetic formulas. So you could write 324+123 or 343/10 etc. and Manager would be able to interpret it.


That would be awesome… :slight_smile:

Thanks @lubos . your suggestion is why we need you. You think like a developer and we think like end users. Actually your idea is a great one. It would go a long way in achieving what I hoped to use it for was to do the calculation within manager.

Also any way to get a prompt if you do your maths wrong and go to update the transaction, could manger say a warning like “if you proceed you will change the original amount”
eg. in the case of having done the bank stm import and you go to add the transaction using edit it open the new widow with details but say you have to split the total amount due to some being GST and some free or multiple expenses even , it is easy to get things wrong when you hit update.

I have been told a very good workaround to copy full amount to notes or description as a reference first up but can a internal logic be achieved without bloat or harming Manger speed and performance?

Into your hands , Thanks very much for suggestion and reply. The the manger to understand the simple arithmetic will be what I was looking for, the second part was to just put it out there.



i agree this is bloatware. also you run into rounding problems (one account adds 1/3, then subtracts 0.33, you end with 0.0033333333333333 cent).

I dissagree it is automaticakly bloatware for manager. Lubos has already
found a possible way to give us functionality of a calculator without being
an actual calculator implemented which is exacly the right outcome. My
suggestion would of been a cause for concern on performace of manager but
now this idea of lubos is the right approach and meets the outcome of the
suggestion in the more effective way.
If his approch is possible then nothing new is added but manager having
ability to think like a basic calculator. Simple, unintrusive and practical
approch which is all the things that makes Manager.io great.

Your point on rounding is correct and will always be an issue but that is
true with external calculator as well, hence my query on a prompt . You can
always allocate the rounding to a rounding expense account if it proves
problematic any other way. In Sales invoices the option to round final
total of invoice outcome is already built into manager. Works well.

Appreciate your commenting , as Manager is for all, so ideas should be
debated openly with positives and negatives highlighted. Thankfully Lubos
is one smart developer and won’t do anything unless he sees merit in it.

I second the idea of making the field interpret basic math. I have wanted this a few times, though there is an easy work around (calc app), it would be great if it were included.

From my perspective, both the ability to perform simple arithmetic in the amount field, and the idea of “if you proceed you will change the original amount” dialog both make sense to me. Common uses cases for me include:

  • Bank statement imported, a single transaction is made for 1,126.89 but that transaction is 758.22 of salary and the remainder is dividends. Right now I copy the original amount to the notes field, replace the amount with 758.22, assign it to the correct employee, then add a new line for the dividend capital account, and then work out 1,126.89 - 758.22, and put the value in. At the end I make sure the total matches my notes.
  • As above, but there single bank transaction maybe for 992 however it is for an invoice for 1000, the customer paid the right amount, but there was a 8 bank fee, so I add two lines, 1000 for invoice payment, and -8 for bank fee.

I have avoided (as far as I know) any problems by keeping track of the original value, but I certainly see a lot of sense with Manager performing basic arithmetic in amount fields and warning the user when a total is updated, i.e. “Are you sure, the total has changed from 1,100.26 to 1,099.26”.

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Hi @lubos

Any Update if this is still being considered as it would prove very helpful I believe . Just wondering if it has been placed on hold due to complications or other things taking priority …

Thank you for your ongoing improvements…

Hi @lubos, just wondering if this functionality is still on the radar. It has been sometime since last notificationso just looking for an upate

Thank you

Hi @lubos

Just sending this request from this post as well as the other thread related to the same issue , so you can better track all replies

any update if this could be implemented would be greatly appreciated, as you can see from replies above, users do see the benefit if this could be done

Thank you

Please don’t address the same issue in multiple posts. It does not gain more favorable attention for your requests and, in fact, makes it harder to assess user sentiment.

Hi Tut

Normally I wouldn’t but since I found this topic related to my original
post, i did so. since the two are so closely related , maybe they could be

I won’t do so in future, rest assured. Thank you for advising.

Ps. It was not to be pushy but to bring it to someones attention, they
relate to same type of request.

Thanks for all the valuable input you do for all of us users.


Does Manager team has a public RoadMap or something? So users can see if the request has been considered or not. I’m also looking fordward to inbuildt calculator. I have used other systems and it helps a lot.


you can find the roadmap in the footer of Manager website manager.io

but i do not think it is updated on a regular basis.