Inbuilt Calculator

An inbuilt calculator would be really useful and would help speed up data entry. MYOB and Xero have this simple feature. This link describes it well:

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Your operating system should have a built-in calculator always accessible.

Yes it does. You could also use a physical calculator on your desk.

The benefit of an inbuilt calculator is that it would speed up data entry. To use the system calculator you need to:

  1. Open the system calculator
  2. Enter the calculation
  3. Copy the answer (or remember it)
  4. Switch back to Manager
  5. Paste (or manually type) the answer

It is much faster if the calculation could be entered directly in Manager. You could enter the calculation in the relevant field and then the answer could be automatically updated when you move to the next field.

The only issue is that Manager will update totals as you type the figure. Adding in-built calculator is easy but then I’d have to drop real-time updates.

You might notice when you enter figures in Xero, totals update only after you leave the field. You simply have to click elsewhere to see what’s the total. In Manager you don’t have to do it, totals are shown as you type the figure. I know it’s a little thing but it does give more fluid user experience (the system is responding to your input as you type).

I’m not sure which approach is better. In-built calculator is useful but it would come at the cost of removing real-time recalculation of totals on each keystroke.

Can you not have your cake and eat it?
What if the real time updates continued as is, unless an operator character was entered, then the real time update paused whilst the calculation was in progress, then resumed when the result was finalised in the entry field (by pressing = to commit or esc)?

At first even I thought the inbuilt calculator wouldn’t be necessary. But later realized that this would be very helpful in many aspects. For myself, it will be very useful while creating journals.
I don’t know much on the technical terms and think @Zark has an interesting point

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In built calculator is totally not necessary. There are more important update we must push for including audit trail, Warehousing, more payroll features etc.


A sensible point. Also, I wonder if there are ANY Manager users without a smartphone? I often use one of the inbuilt aps in mine when doing calculations. I haven’t had a ‘real’ calculator in many years - saves space on the desk. I would really prefer Lubos to focus on those things that the user base is keen for rather than the nice to haves. Just my 2 cents worth.

I haven’t used a windows computer in a good many years (and quite happily too. In fact this is one of the reasons I was drawn to manager; the ability to have the same usability on Linux and Mac OS).

I very rarely use any traditional calculators, but one that I do use in OS X is spotlight and similar in ubuntu and is available from anywhere. Is not great for complex calculations, but a quick result is copied to the clipboard and it can be pasted into the app. I don’t know if windows has the same functionality or not, but I would assume it does.

Definitely the audit trail, warehousing and payroll are more important feature then the calculator.

We were just trying to know whether inbuilt calculator could be more useful then the way it is now.

Hi @lubos
I have found this thread as opposed to the one I asked many months ago being more less the same request but without the technical knowledge expressed here.

I for one would love an inbuilt calculator but more along the lines you suggested previously in the other thread as performing basic arithmetic ability by having manager understand the +,-,*,/ signs and the = or as you suggested in the other thread.

This request is more about time saving and convenience more than about using external apps or hand held calculators or smartphones. It is about productivity for the end user.

I know I would find if Manager could performing basic arithmetic in amount fields it would save me a lot of time on data entry.

it is not as unimportant as some may think, because users who don’t need the features you have listed as more important here may have no direct benefit to some users but this ability would be universal and very much appreciated.

Please give it some more thought on ways to implement this successfully and soon if possible.

Thank you as always

I would change the words “not necessary” for “not a priority”. May be not that important as other features, but manager team can make and agenda or RoadMap and tell something like “Will be for 2 months from now”.

I’m getting the feeling that every feature request is like a pain for developers.

real time calculation is equally important but having an inbuilt calculator enables users to concetrate almost 100% on data entry without shifting the concetration to other things like a desktop calculator. still more you can still use the real time calcutor already in use. instead of one to enter the unit cost per item and the system do calculate the total value especially on purchases one might need just to enter the total cost and the quantity then the system do the reverse of what it is doing now to find the unit cost per unit.

on sales invoives tab i am of the opinion that the current setup of entering the unit price does not have any problem since the selling prices will already be in the system. purchased inventory cost will differ in prices depending on the supplier that arises the need to calculate each unit cost per unit as it comes in.

The application is updated multiple times a day, with bug fixes and occasional feature improvements.

It sounds like @lubos is the only developer, as well. So there is likely a very limited amount of time with which to implement all of these feature requests.

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@rdavidsc thank you for the opinion, but i am of different perception mine being that not every feature request is suppose to be implemented but rather this platform is a brainstorming notepad were ideas are raised and discussed and only the best are implemented. long live @lubos

I can see @Lubos is trying to see which is better real time or in built calculator. I thank him for allowing us to see the dilemma for him

My two bobs worth is this

I find real time updating more of a hinderance if I need to update an amount on a entry that is being recorded from a bank import or has already been recored prior, you begin to change an amount or add a new line to split the total expense. The total changes and you can’t recall if it was 12.05 or 12.50 say that had to change to make entry correct, by having the real time updating you can’t easily see which way you had intended to go. So to me real time has limited benefit but I am sure there are instances where it would prove useful.

As for what is more important than other requests so it just gets over looked seems a little unfair to me. The idea of the forum in my eyes is to suggest what could be useful and helpful as well as to highlight what is lacking at present for users. I also think that this request has been getting a following for sometime since August 2016 and people still see it as being helpful , that indicates it should be given as much priority as the warehouse module, audit trail etc. We have been patiently waiting our turn for this to be considered.

From what Lubos said, this should be easy to do but the real problem was the real time updating trade off so from that I take it there would be no real delay in getting this done if the option was to be implemented.

I hope that lubos can implement it in one way or other as being a bookkeeper for a living this is one feature I really miss, all this other stuff about you can get an external app or use phone or open another window or use a hand held calculator, miss the point … it is for speed of data entry, minimise of errors etc , not having to keep double checking yourself, the inbuilt calc is really the only answer to the problem as far as speed and ease is concerned.

I appreciate others see it differently and fair enough , that is why we have the forum,and do our best to improve manager for the end user and learn from others comments.

I am impressed on the direction of Manager over the last six months , all the enhancements have merit and useful to users so I know Lubos will do what is best for everyone. I would appreciate some sort of notification if this feature has been ruled in or out so we don’t waste forum leaders time and others may be hoping it is still coming like me. A bit of clarity goes a long way . Thanks @lubos for manager , I think it is amazing software

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Then prior to doing the edit, record the total in the Notes panel so it is available for double checking before clicking “update”.

Hi Brucanna

A helpful suggestion I agree, however I need to do that eveytime I make a
change, so if I have many to adjust this is time consuming and it is just
the original amount.

For splits ie adding a line, this is not that helpful and for on the fly
calculations ,it is of no real help.

Eg . I have just imported a bank transaction of $123.67 say which needs to
be split between gst and gst free food purchased. I see recepit says $3.18 as
total gst on bottom of receipt. If we had ability to have inbuilt calc i
can add a new line and type 3.18 *11= and it would give $34.98 . I add new
line and at amount I type $123.67-34.98= 88.69 then i delete original line
and go update. All done. If you did this for 30 imported transactions you
can see the benefits and time saving. Using external calculator or apps
just means I have to copy and paste many times or even manual entry of
amount which could cause errors.

I hope the worked example helps clarify why the inbuilt calc is really the
only solution in my way of thinking.

Thanks for the suggestion just the same for in certain instances it would
meet my needs.

@hayz - which computer operating system are you using? Is it Windows, macOS, or something else?

On macOS, I can perform simple calculations within Spotlight. So from anywhere (even while using Manager), I can do this:

  1. Press Cmd+Space
  2. Type calculation, e.g. 3.18*11
  3. Copy answer and paste into Manager

Windows has something similar. On Windows 10:

  1. Press Windows key
  2. Type calculation into Cortana, e.g. 3.18*11
  3. Copy answer and paste into Manager

Both of these solutions can be done without closing Manager, and without having to even open the Calculator app that comes with both operating systems.

Hi ShaneAu

95% of time i am on windows machines but a range of OS, win 7, win8 , win 10

I did not know about that win 10 ability as i dislike I have to open a
seperate app to do a calc I could do in manager itself but at least in
search box if u can do simple calc and paste answer that saves opening an
app. I still need to paste where if inbuilt calc it would be done as
expression is being typed ,no time wasted at all.

I have learnt someting very useful by your input , a step closer but still
lacking on the one issue of effecency, but very appreciated. Thank you