Will a built in calculator function be added

i will appreciate if manager can understand simple arithmetic formulas in cells.thanks

it’s not working…

sorry but this was never implemented.

I see.

@Zhel_Natsuki - this topic is just a discussion from people that would like to have the feature. I assume that you are also requesting it.

The latest version (18.9.91) allows to use built-in calculator within number fields

For example:


@lubos Sir,
You are great. This will help us much more.

@lubos Sir,

Please try to add serial number wise inventory. All the Computer accessories has serial number. It is too difficult to inventory and generate product warranty without serial. Please, Please. I know you can add this, if you try to.

Md. Nahid

Hi @Lubos

A personal big thank you for doing this as I know you had your reasons to hesitate to implement this to sacrifice the immediate updating of the total as you typed.

For me this will bring about much more efficient data entry. I am sure others will appreciate the advantage of the calculated amount once they begin to use it.

Thanks for allowing it after much, much consideration.

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Unfortunately this version does not work in macOS 10.14

@fldspierings, do not divert topics with unrelated issues. Search the forum before posting. There are already topics about Mojave.

Hi @Fldsperings

That is a very new version of Mac , so have no way to comment on that as only access to Mac OS, I have is El Capitan and it works just fine there, Are you on a desktop mode or Cloud? as I am commenting on Cloud version which I think should work regardless of Mac OS , so I may have that incorrect for desktop version on Mac .I mainly use it in Chrome browser and today I was very happy with ease of data entry for splitting tax amounts using the new feature.

I would like to ask other forum user to test the built in calc on their mac systems as it works fine on windows. I am a newbie to Mac so my ability to test this or reason why if not working is very limited.

Hope you can get it going one way or another …:slight_smile:


good afternoon, this is indeed the latest update from Macos. but there is already a beta for developers available for months. I use the desktop version of manager.io and that is where my entire business administration is running. of such a large software supplier I had expected that it would just work on the latest macos version. but apparently that is too much to ask.

@fldspierings, if you had not diverted this topic, but instead searched the forum before posting your question, you would know that a version update has been released that solves the Mojave problem. It is a temporary fix, but it works.

As for software working on production versions of any operating system based on beta versions, that might be nice. But it seldom happens. Changes are made right up until release. And there are usually bug fixes shortly afterwards.

I love this function now if it could add fields in the fixed assets As an example [PurchasePrice]*0.40.I would be one happy camper


ooh. thks. i came by and saw this.
im still learning how to use the system properly

Only just came across this, AWESOME!

Much appreciated for those recurring decimals, eg you buy 3 items totalling $10, now I can just enter in 10/3 :smiley:

@d3mad, remember your formula will be converted to a decimal number when saved. So there can still be rounding issues. Read the Guide about this feature.

Yeah, I’ve got no problem with that, and maybe my example was poor. Everyone knows what 1/3 is, a better example is buying a carton of an object for say $17, and it contains 24 pieces. That’s 0.7083333… and even when it’s not recurring, it’s something I have to work out everytime. Well, before now, that is. lol.

And I am aware of the two line entry method of getting around it. TBH, I still like that method for clarity. But this is still a nice alternative.