Adding Calculator

Is there any way to add a simple calculator to the program?

No sure about this. I consider this to be really marginal feature. Can you give some examples of how this would help?

When I’m making financial planning on my realized budget for understanding how we did and how we need to do on next, we are using some ratios and instantly calculations be able to make quick decisions on market.

As working with the ratios is really needful. Then, while investing to on stock market is able to take an investment decision we need to quick check to our profit,its ratios and some.

Furthermore while making calculations based on exchange rate, able to change the foreign transactions to main currencies I’m using this tool again.

Especially as we are making these 3 point, really needed that. being able to making all stuff on the program will make me more loved to this software. We experienced that how Manager is changed in the past and how it keeps going. No doubt that you guys make it best for it.

That sounds all nice but still doesn’t make sense to me. Let’s say you have physical calculator on your desk, how does calculator in the program improve anything?

If we create 50 journal entry per a day, getting external calculator spends avr. 2 seconds means 100 sec. and will save my 50 minute per a month.

considering; the debit/credit window where located in journal entry works like an excel. For example, when i entry 200EUR to on debit space then if pressing * or x after 200EUR, the program could calculate automatically what entered. This would service more easier usage for user.

OK, you’ve got valid use-case for calculator within the field but I’m afraid it’s not something that is coming this year. Perhaps next.