Why does manager sorts by text in Receipts, Payments and Account transfers?

Sometimes I need to quickly check the latest production orders or receipts and it is impossible with the current sorting especially when I have more than 850 receipts.

@BawarYassin, this issue has been discussed many times, and also fixed. For example, see this thread. Or this one.

You mention both production orders and receipts. But you show only the Receipts tab listing. You also do not mention your version number, so it is impossible to tell whether an old problem has reappeared.

I figured one screenshot will suffice for receipts or productions or any other tab the issue is the same.
Iā€™m using version and it is not fixed for me.
Test (2022-11-12).manager (204 KB)
you can check receipts here if you want.

I withdraw what I said earlier the sorting does not work in these tabs


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