Why does it show double entries for invoices in sales

Why am I seeing the invoices in sales account broken down into each item with the same invoice number in sales?

Every line item on invoice is posted separately into general ledger. So if you have 3 line items, all allocated into sales account, it will show 3 times in general ledger. Is this a problem?

This is a problem as it means I have (depending of the number of line items) up to 5 times the amount of entries to assign to sales and if I want to export the sales to send to account or revenue it is much more work.

Is it possible to set sales to show each sales invoice only?

I did consider grouping line items for general ledger purposes if certain conditions are met but didn’t end up implementing it because I couldn’t think of any use-case back then.

I don’t understand what you mean by:

I have up to 5 times the amount of entries to assign to sales

my problem is, I enter customer invoices through out the year,
and at end of year I import bank statement for the year.

Then I normally delete the invoices replacing them with the transactions from the bank statement.
Now when I go to delete my generated invoices there is more than one entry for each invoice( if there are 4 items on invoice no 1, I have 4 separate invoice no 1. Can you advise?

You shouldn’t be deleting invoices. Bank statement lines should be matched to invoices.

Now while it’s true each line item will be posted to general ledger separately, if you delete an invoice, all posted transactions in general ledger will be deleted at the same time. It’s not like you have to delete an invoice 4 times.

that makes much more sense, thanks, how do I match them to invoices?

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