Multiple lines for the same item instead of calculating quantity

While creating a sales invoice for a customer and entering multiple items using items codes, for a professional sales invoice,same Item entered Twice should be calculated as quantity=2, but here i am having 2 Lines for the same item separated with other items lines in between.
Is there a way to fix that ?

Not currently.

To do as you suggest would make the program extremely complex. Currently each line is an independent stand alone entry. For the program to search prior lines to see if there is a match creates all sorts of entry screen issues - e.g. if it finds a match how do you handle the data entry. Your example is 2 but what it was to 3 , 5 etc. Are you going to do 5 entries hoping that the Invoice only show 1 line.

If you can’t group the products prior to the Invoice creation then you could just adjust the qty of a previously entered line, when the duplicate product is noticed.

Even Supermarkets with there very sophisticated cash register systems, don’t accumulate (group) the same product if its been scanned at different points during the checkout. It would be just to hard for the operator to control.

…It would also make the program less desirable for some of us. I want separate entries for the same item to stay separate, for example. When I bill 1 unit (=1 hour) of “Teleconference with client” on Monday and then again another unit (hour) of “Teleconference with client” on Thursday, I want each line item to remain separate with its corresponding date. I wouldn’t want them to be combined. I would think most people handling inventory items would feel the same way. If you sell 1 widget to the customer on Tuesday and another to the same customer on Friday, don’t you want those listed separately?

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