Custom field printed twice on invoice

Hello i have created a custom field called telephone in clients.
So in printed invoice i want it to get printed near to client details as below:
Client Address and Business Identifier
(Where in telephone i have added {{ custom_fields.telephone }}

The custom field is checked appear in printed documents. But i see it both in the top of the invoice and in the bottom too. If i uncheck the appear in printed documents i cant have it visible.

is there any way to have it printed only in the 1st (start) place?

Thank you

You have to skip in the footer the telephone custom field since by default it inserts all of them.

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If you create a custom theme, you are responsible for its performance. This is not a coding forum to help you debug your own theme. If you don’t personally have the necessary skill, hire a local programmer to write your theme.

In the footer write this to skip the “telephone” fields

    {% for field in custom_fields %}
    {% if (field.label == 'telephone') %}{% continue %}{% endif %}
        <td colspan="99">
            <div style="font-weight: bold; padding-top: 20px">{{ field.label }}</div>
            <div>{{ field.text | newline_to_br }}</div>
    {% endfor %}
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Worked Perfect. Thank you @Davide so much!