While viewing inventory, contact column is not shown

@lubos while viewing inventory item in qty owned blue button , customer column is not shown ( to which customer this invoice transaction was sold) previously it was visible.
Please solve this bug .it will be of great help


I suspect the thinking is that adjustments of inventory quantity are not due to customers, suppliers, payers, or payees. They are due to sales invoices, purchase invoices, receipts, payments, write-offs, expense claims, journal entries, debit notes, credit notes, etc. In other words, when looking at quantities, the transaction is what is relevant rather than a contact. Details of the transactions are a click away.

The promised upgrade of custom reports, to be released soon, is supposed to allow you to generate reports about what a specific customer has purchased.

That said, I agree the contact column could be useful in many situations.

But it helps me to see how many times a specific ā€˜Xā€™ customer has purchased this item out of so many transactions of different customers.

The program has clearly been purposely modified in this way, so I cannot put this into the bugs category. But @lubos might want to explain the change.

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Iā€™m reqesting you @lubos please bring back this contact coloumn in every transaction whether in reports or in inventory.

It helps me to analyse data via simply exporting it into excel.

@lubos thank you very much for your support for this much needed reversal.

However I can see it only in inventory tabs.

Please implement it Reports tab too as it was previously.

Sales invoice total by item &
Sales invoice total by custom field

For ex when I click any sales invoice by custom field blue item it should show the contact column as well like previously.